Executive Search & Selection

We find ways when others give up. We have made it our specialty to resolve the most difficult problems, where companies are unable to find the desired staff. Our international network of headhunters all have consolidated national, international “hands on” experience, and strong personal networks. Being a truly international executive headhunting company, we are specialists in cross-border search assignments where cultural understanding, multilingual skills and local networks are the keys to success. Huntex’s Executive Search and Selection division recruits senior professionals and combines the specific expertise of experienced consultants with the reach and intellectual property of the broader Huntex business. This enables the consultants to accurately translate the client business strategy into a search and selection blueprint covering strategic, operational and behavioral elements, ensuring a perfect client and candidate match based not just on knowledge and skill components but, importantly, on values, culture and operating style.

SAP Professional Outsourcing

Offshore development has been encouraged by most of the vendors and enterprise application development groups, because a world flattened by globalization makes it possible to improve competitiveness by taking advantage of the easy exchange of low-cost, high-quality technical skills. We are focused on Technology and IT Outsourcing so you can focus on your business’ core competencies. We are specialized in SAP Professionals Outsourcing. We provide an innovative and niche service for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) professionals. We have the leading ERP talent employers are looking for.

Huntex empowers you to meet your staffing demands. We will assure the right resources are available when you need them with the skills and experience to meet your technical and business requirements. Our candidates supply a rich, diverse knowledge of technology & business experience and are ready to adapt to any working environment. Huntex Outsourcing Services provide skilled professionals at the client’s side for a define period of six months to two years. The professionals will be on Huntex’s payroll and would be carrying out the assigned tasks as defined by the clients. Huntex ensures that professionals deputed at the client’s location adhere to the standards defined by the client. Organizations that require skilled professionals for a particular assignment opt for this staffing, enabling them to hire the right professional for the required period and reducing their long-term commitment.


Professional Recruitment

Huntex is one of the largest providers of recruitment services in Canada. Our Professional Recruitment, the white-collar recruitment division of the business, provides a niche, highly specialized talent sourcing service to the unique white-collar professional sector. Huntex recruits, screens and delivers the best candidates to fill your job openings. We manage our business for long-term relationships and are proud that a majority of our clients have given us repeat assignments. We service our clients by supplying them talented and qualified candidates in areas of Finance, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Operations, and Manufacturing. By providing all necessary information on the job opportunity and your organization to candidates up front, we are able to attract better quality candidates. We then screen them to ensure you hire top performers. This also helps ensure they are candidates who will stay with you for years to come.

Remuneration Consulting

Employer – can you be sure you are rewarding your staff well enough to stay competitive in the marketplace? Or, do you fear you will have to overpay when it comes to review time?

Candidate – are you unsure as to your worth? Are you afraid you will “price yourself out of the market”? Alternatively, “sell yourself short”?

Our consultants are highly trained in the areas of remuneration consulting, with excellent practical experience from years of specialist recruitment and we can help to bring clarity to the proverbial minefield of employee compensation.

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